Your needs – my imagination.

Welcome to the portfolio of Piotr Nowiński,
webdeveloper and digital artist.

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I design webpages
and develop custom
working solutions.

By research and analisys,
my work is suited for your needs.

On the screen – latest web project:

I provide brand solutions
that actually communicate.

From logo design to full visual identity.
Everything you’ll ever need for your brand,
available from a single person – me.

On the left – featured project:
CATENA Training Centre – brand design

Complex DTP & print design
services for all kind of purposes.

Having experience in both DTP and
organization phases, I can help you go
through all the publishing process.

On the right – featured project:
Proseed Magazine – DTP – click to read more

I also do illustration
and image creation work.

That means my work is not limited to standard stock images. If I need something unusual, I can do it myself – which means more freedom for creativity and uniqueness.

What I do

Web development

I offer variety of services, from simple corporate websites to more complex solutions. Also, I like to make those things simple and approachable – for both you and your visitors.

Corporate Identity

You only have one chance to make first impression – and logo is usually the first thing people notice. Make it worth noticing. I design logos and any other corporate branding materials.

DTP & print design

I design visually appealing print materials, targeted precisely at your viewers. That way you can be sure they’ll take their chance to check out what you have prepared for them.

Image creation

Uniqueness is an important factor that attract potential customers. There are many ways to achieve it – one of them is by having a custom made content such as illustrations. And this is what I do.

and more. I am not a typical designer – see how you can benefit from working with me.

What I did recently

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